If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The Museum of Rear Books

Written sources are important guides to earlier epochs. Ancient manuscripts, old books, first newspapers - all these documentary evidence of the past reveal the amazing secrets of life of previous gen

Museums of the RSE «Gylym Ordasy» of SC MES RK are among unique museums which by right are a pride of our country.

The building hosting the Museum of Nature, Museum of Archeology, Museum of Rear Books and Museum of History of Kazakhstan’s science is a historical heritage itself.

Written sources are important guides to earlier epochs. Ancient manuscripts, old books, first newspapers — all these documentary evidence of the past reveal the amazing secrets of life of previous generations, help to understand the outlook and way of thinking of our ancestors.

Such unique values are kept at the Museum of Rear Books. It is only three years old, but already has its own place in Kazakhstan’s museology. In addition, the museum attracts attention of all bibliophiles of the city being the center for propaganda of the national history and culture of reading.

The museum fund contains the collection of more than 500 rare books and manuscripts, the beginning of chronology of which goes back to XVIII century. Ancient runic writing, various alphabets, from Arabic to Cyrillic, are exhibited at exposition. Manuscript examples of the Koran and the first printed books with Kazakh verbal literature are also collected here.

The museum’s task is to demonstrate the evolution of book from the first manuscripts to modern works of polygraphic art by the example of unique issues, to represent the catholicity of the national writing culture through the prism of centuries, their significance in various historical and cultural events, as well as to cultivate the love and respect to book — the most valuable monument of spiritual culture of all time and nations.

The new museum’s exposition using collection of photo- and video-materials on writing culture of our country has four main sections, including «Ancient writing heritage of Kazakh steppe», «Manuscript — heritage of centuries», «Early national editions», «Writing and printed monuments of Kazakhstan». Permanent opened exposition «Treasure from the depth of centuries» contains old printed books, first printed editions, lifetime works and manuscripts of prominent public figures which have historical and local studies value. Collections of scientists studied ethnography, literature and history of Kazakh nation, lifetime books of famous writers of XVIIІ-ХІХ centuries are also presented here.

Visitors have an opportunity to see manuscript variant of works of famous Eastern poets-shairs-diuans Alisher Navoi, Shahnameh by Abulkasym Firdousi in translation of Mulla Oraza, Leyli Medzhun Fizuli.

Copy of samples of ancient Turkic writing scorched by piny branch, kept in the fund of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, manuscript variants of the collection of poems of the great Abay, wrote down by M.Bikeuly, works of people’s art, collected by Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeyev, diaries of Zhayau Musa, poems of Zhady Tore, works of Alkey Margulan are among the most important museum exhibits.

Besides collection, storage and popularization of unique exhibits, the museum pays special attention on educational aspect. Its halls systematically host lectures, consultations for students of secondary and higher education institutions.

Botagoz Kydyrmanova,

Senior Specialist of the RSE «Gylym Ordasy»