If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Interest towards the historical memory is growing

Public interest towards the historical memory is growing day by day. More than ten thousand people have visited museums of the «Gylym Ordasy» («Ғылым ордасы») RSE in four months of this year

Public interest towards the historical memory is growing day by day. More than ten thousand people have visited museums of the «Gylym Ordasy» («Ғылым ордасы») RSE in four months of this year.

Today in Almaty at the opening of the «Role of museum in a new society» event, dedicated to the upcoming International Day of Museums R.Karibzhanova, the Chief Executive Officer of the «Gylym Ordasy» RSE under the MES of the RK, told about it.

The Head of the RSE congratulated museum workers with the professional holiday and marked that in Kazakhstan much attention is paid from the side of the Government to the development of museums.

«From 2004 till 2011 the „Cultural heritage“ („Мәдени мұра“) state programme, initiated by the President, was successfully implemented. It is aimed at the creation of integral system of a vast cultural national heritage learning including contemporary national culture as well, folklore, traditions and customs; reconstruction of historical-cultural architectural monuments having a special meaning for the national history. This, by right, became a strategic national project on collection, investigation and preservation of the RK’s cultural heritage and formation of nation’s historical memory», — outlined R. Karibzhanova.

In general, the complex of measures on preservation and further development of centuries-old traditions, discovering of new historical and cultural memorials as well as on modernization of already created museums is conducted in the country. According to the data of the Ministry of Culture, there are 164 such centers in Kazakhstan. There are more than thirteen thousand of museums in the world.

According to the Head of the RES, the museums of the «Gylym Ordasy» (natural, archeological, historical and museums of rare books) take the special place in the RK’s museology. Last year with the aim to increase their attraction the great work on repair, restoration and replenishment with new unique exhibits, valuable manuscripts and books was conducted. Today the total fund of museum valuables includes more than 12 000 exhibits.

«Learning from the foreign colleagues experience on the development of museums, we are constantly working to improve the museum activity, according to the challenges of time. Active work on the injection of new technologies of processing, restoration and storage of exhibits and equipping with modern technique, in particular plasma screens, multimedia equipment and software on obtaining of the most complete information about a particular exhibit is carrying out», — emphasized, R. Karibzhanova.

In the frameworks of the event the «Gylym Ordasy» RSE and Kazakhstan tourist association signed the Memorandum on cooperation. The event also hosted an exhibition of butterflies, collectors of coin, artisans and tour of museums. In conclusion, there was a presentation of letters of appreciation to the museum staff and school principals.

The author: К. Turgazyeva


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