«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»


Қазақ мемлекетінің Ресейге қосылуы. 1 бет

Accession of Kazakhstan to Russia: occurrence, conquest, colonization

In the course of accession of Kazakhstan to Russia three stages are traced: the first – since the 90th years of the XV century until the end of the XVI century, when at the heart of policy of the Russian tsars in relation to east neighbors. In particular, to the Kazakh khanates. There was a stremoleniye to establish military-political connection. Vtra – since the beginning of the XVII century to the 30th years of the XVIII century when the tendency of a colonial policy, consolidations of the aggressive positions by construction of the strengthened lines, fortresses, outposts, resettlements of the Russian Cossacks, capture of fertile lands of Kazakhs was defined. The third – from the 30th of the XVIII century to the 60th years of the XIX century when process of colonization of the Kazakh lands came to the end