If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Today in history

Birthday of the Soviet and Kazakh actress of theater and movie Khadisha Bukeeva

International Mother Language Day

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In 1962 was opened Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute

During a year the university was in the 4th floor of school No. 3, having only 4 lecture rooms. At two faculties: historical and philological also physical and mathematical 150 people were trained; there were 14 teachers. In 1994 the Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute named after S. Toraygyrov was included in composition of the Pavlodar State University and renamed into Pedagogical Institute named after S. Toraygyrov of Pavlodar State University. In February 1994 the Pavlodar State Institute again became independent higher education institute after its separation from the Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraygyrov.