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7 November

7 November 1929

In 1929 the first issue of the "Kyzyl asker" army newspaper in Kazakh language was published

7 November 1931

In 1931 in Karaganda for the first time radiobroadcasts began

The broadcast station was placed in the village Bolshaya Mikhailovka. The broadcasting node on 3000 radio receiving stations serviced Karaganda, the settlements of Mikhailovka and Tikhonovka. In the programs «Hour of the radio correspondent», «The Stakhanovite’s tribune» scientists, principals of the enterprises, leaders of production appeared. The Kazakhs chorus worked in the radio committee in 1933–1947.

7 November 1934

In 1934 for the first time the Kazakh musical theater of the libretto of G. Musrepov “Kyz Zhibek” was put on the stage

The basis of the statement — tragic love of two young people (Zhibek and Tulegena) who face patriarchal and feudal foundations of that time, hindrances on the way of connection of two hearts. The opera included the Kazakh vocal and instrumental works, songs, kyu of national composers Ukili Ibraya, Mukhita, Zhayau Musa Bayzhanov, Tattimbet, and also a song «Gakku» (Zhibek), «Alkaray kok» (Tulegen), «Akkuym» (Bekezhan), a term (Shege). The song «Gakku» in development of a plot (in the 1st act, in the description of beauty Zhibek, in the 2nd act — cheerful dance «Gakku»), in a scene «Alty kaz» — «Six geese» in maiden chorus in the final of the opera is the principal keynote of setting. The opera «Kyz Zhibek» in the history of development of professional Kazakh music took a special place. Zhibek (performed by K. Bayseitova) and by right is considered today a role a sample of great musical mastery.

7 November 1956

In 1956 the settlement of Arkalyk was founded

On May 17, 1956 the joint resolution of the Central Committee of CPSU and Council of ministers of the USSR in which by a separate line it was inscribed was accepted: «On the basis of the Amangeldinsky field of bauxites to construct and put Torgaysky bauxites mines into operation». In the 1960 Arkalyk was declared by All-Union shock Komsomol building, the youth from all USSR began to be refluxed here. In 1965 Arkalyk received the status of the city, in 1971 became center of the area which is again created by Turgayska.