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From the Archive Data on Deportations (1941 and 1944)

From the Archive Data on Deportations (1941 and 1944)
R.D. Kubeyev Research Fellow of the Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

The formation of multi-ethnic structure of Kazakhstan is complex, and in its own way a unique process which happened during in a long historical period. One of the key points of this process is deportations of nations (carried out in the 30-40-s of the XX century) “guilty” for the Soviet regime. As it was typical for that time, within a quite short period great masses of people were moved to the Republic from their native lands. It is necessary to mention that besides an official punishment in the form of exile, the deportees faced unforeseen difficulties (absence of vital necessities, which was not even provided by the questionable sentence). Proceeding from the archive documents we can say that the government was at least indifferent to special settlers’ destiny, ignoring the requests of corresponding SovNarComs and not taking necessary measures for the improvement of the situation with deportees (and in some cases – even for saving their lives). 

Archive Data on Deportations