«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»


Kyrgyz is a very ancient race. The word Kyrgyz means the same as the Kazakh - "wandering, free (wandering alone, wild)".

  It is known that in the third century BC, the Kyrgyz nomads wandered in the lands between the ridges of Tyannu-Ola and Tau. In times of Genghis Khan, Arysaynal was the Khan of Kyrgyz. Aina is the title of Khan among Kyrgyz people. The name Aris. Genghis Khan sent the ambassador Bari (Turamysh) to him in order to force him to comply with the requirements; the Khan of Kirghiz accepted the conditions and sent him a white falcon, along with other gifts. According to Abulgazi (the progenitor) Kyrgyz was one of the grandsons of Oguz Khan. Kirghiz people are the descendants of his. Currently, the bulk of the Kirghiz live in their ancient land, from the pass of Syntas (western spurs of Alatau) to the mountain peaks of the Pamirs. They are divided into the right and left (on the slopes of Alatau) Kyrgyz. Their tribes: bugy, sarbagash, solty, sheriek, bagish, sayak. These six tribes are the descendants of certain Sagay. Other three are Edigene, Munkish, Ishkilik, the Edigene branch. The last two kinds are our Kipchak, Argyn and Naiman, became Kyrgyz. Even though we are now call ourselves Kazakhs, we actually part of the Kyrgyz people.

And although we were later called Kazakhs , actually we also hails from the Kyrgyz people

From the book of Shakarim Kudayberdy-uly "Genealogy of Turks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and their Khan dynasties". Translation by B. Kairbekov. Alma-Ata, Dastan JV, 1990