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Royal burial complex Kyryk-Oba

Royal burial complex Kyryk-Oba is located on the territory of Burlin district of West Kazakhstan region, 5 km from the section Algabas, on the watershed plateau. The cemetery Kyryk-Both complexes are divided into Kyryk-Both I and Kyryk-Oba II, located 10 km away from one another.

Both Kyryk-I - a group of 6 large royal burial mounds, which accompany the burial mounds elongated shape. Archaeological excavations here were carried out.

Both complex Kyryk-II is a vast necropolis with numerous mounds, located on either side of the highway Oral-Burlin. The cemetery includes more than forty mounds of various sizes. The chain is stretched on their west-east axis for five kilometers. Archaeologists have conventionally divided into two groups. The largest mound in the chain has a height of 7 m, a diameter of 80 m in the eastern part of the chain's largest mound height not exceeding 2 m in diameter, 30 m Archeological excavations on the monument began in 2001 by the Institute of Archaeology of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 2002 held the Western Kazakhstan Oblast center of history and archeology.

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