«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

The Facets of the history of people

The learning and mastering the facets of folk history is a natural phenomenon in the formation of national histories, especially of the developed states.

The folk history is multifaceted, and not only from the chronological point of view. It looks much more interesting and more clearly in the everyday life, and it is due to the history of other nations, national color. History needs the nation, free from the stereotyped and ethnic limits. For example, India, the country that was able to straighten the historiographical wheel towards the full story of the World nation, and not of the people with post-colonial syndrome. Surely, this is what you want to achieve if you follow the concept of the leader of the Kazakh nation in the flow of national and world history.

When talking about the history of the people in the flow of interpersonal relationships, spaces and processes, it is important not to lose the head when the success is near. It could be seen from the experience of the world history that experimentations based on the new image of native history of a people, could led to the new myths and conflicts in textbooks, it could devolve the actual history into the bosom of the folk-history, quasi-scientific. This is what we should remember. The curved mirrors in interpretation of the national history will cause only regular sighs of inhabitants and outspoken apologetics of the opponents of the full development of history as a science.

This creates a barrier to the implementation of truly concerned efforts at the State level of the socially important business. Today the recent history of Kazakhstan should learn to write the peers of independence. I know that they have little experience, especially scientific experience. The experienced hand of mentors - builders, participants, heroes of the modern history, it will be an indispensable tool.

Especially when thinking about the historical path, which was traversed by the sovereign state. Today we should note that among all the young historians, there are no one who could professionally understand the nuances of collecting archival materials and scientific processing.

  Even if you only want to read the sources and documents on the history of past centuries, you should have a special knowledge, and you should be proficient in several languages. In order to do so it is important to create special language centers for the historians who have completed masters and PhD-doctorate As far as we know, we have a few people in our country who can support and finance this idea. The achievement in social sciences and humanities is very important in the conditions of interdisciplinary decision-making.

  The creation of the center for innovations in the sphere of humanities will help to solve a big circle of problems. The projection on future results and new projects on the implementation of the program, "The people in the flow of history," are important right now due the fact that we need a tool to control the quality and content of scientific papers.

The Independent center of expertise in the field of history can fulfill their civic and domestic debt. In general, we need megaprojects that will be concentrated on the ensuring the consistency and strength of the created constructs in the field of decent history of the well-developed state.

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Mazhitov Sattar Fazylovich
Mazhitov Sattar Fazylovich
Senior Researcher at the Institute of History and Ethnology. Ch.Ch. Valikhanova
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Academician