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Famine 1920-30. in Kazakhstan and the policy of "Great Terror

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Аккербез Узакова


The cause of hunger 1920-1930 in Kazakhstan was a poor harvest in the different regions of the country, and therefore the Soviets in January 1919, was re-introduced the so-called surplus appropriation in the place since 13 May 1918 food dictatorship.


Rlw11103.09.2013, 10:09

The number of victims differs depending on information sources, so it is necessary to clarify this issue...

DBS1990!03.09.2013, 19:22

I thought the hunger in Kazakhstan began before 1920, but around 1917, during WWI, when train services were delayed. There were food shortages throughout the country due to disruptions in train services and the concentration of resources towards the war front. Please clarify the cause of famine, what you mean when you use the term "Great Terror" and a citation to an academic source.

Alun Thomas10.09.2013, 15:07

I have the impression that the republic rocked from one agricultural crisis to another throughout the decade. The reasons must be varied; one was surely the huge demographic changes, particularly large-scale emigration, which disrupted agricultural output?