«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

The myth about the origin of the universe


Some Articles from the Book of O. Zhanaydarova "Tengriism: Myths and Legends of Ancient Türks".

  Tengriism arose more than six thousand years ago among the most ancient people of the Earth - the Sumerians.

  Nobody, neither the ancient Sumerians six thousand years ago, nor we the people who live in the 21st century, not seen a living god or gods.

  Nevertheless, in our minds, as well as in the minds of ancient man, a god or gods are the great, anthropomorphic and immortal beings that control the nature around us, the movement of the planets and the life of stars and suns.

  If we continue this thought, then the god is creator of the entire universe, he operates countless planets, stars, star clusters and galaxies, metagalaxies etc. as there is no end to it.

  And it is impossible to comprehend.

  The Sumerians called the gods with the common word "Dingir" - Tengri - the gods, deities.

  Everything was controlled by the Sumerian gods Enlil, the supreme god. He was directly subordinated by the seven gods, “who rules the destiny", and fifty great gods. Sumerian gods were useful and useless. Given that the main elements of nature are the Sky is Top, the Land is Bottom, the Sea is Water and Air is Atmosphere, each of them had its own god. These four gods were creative gods, and they created this entire material world around people.

Creative gods possessed one magical ability, they have set up with the help of words, the creative function which was assembled by the ancient theologians in human society, as someone said - it has the ability to materialize. If Chief said to plow land in the area and sow wheat, the land should be plowed, wheat should be sowed, and then people will get harvest.

So in the Bible "the word - was God" – is true observation.

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