«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

We need a systematic scientific basis to understand the main meaning of the current modern history - M.Tazhin


We are faced with a colossal scale task. We need a systematic scientific basis to understand the main purpose of his current modern history. This was announced today at an expanded meeting of the Interagency Working Group for the Study of Natural History by the Secretary of Kazakhstan State Marat Tajin , reports BNews.kz.

"We need a systematic scientific basis to understand the main point of their current modern history. Went into the third decade of life of an independent sovereign state. Over the years really passed a distance equal to centuries . Time passed generalization. What is the meaning established state , what are the main steps of real independence , we avoided any danger , it was built economic, political and cultural system of society? To answer these questions in a reasoned and clear manner - the problem of the historical professional community "- said Tajin .

According to him, the accumulated historical facts and evidence , artefacts , the study of symbolic forms and ceremonies , the data of philology and linguistics , historical geography and demography , new methods of historical research , interdisciplinary approaches suggest that the ethnogenesis of the Kazakhs took place much earlier than is always interpreted the science of history .

"Expanding the horizon of ethnic 1st millennium BC and its scientific validation provide a new look at the whole national history , change the perception of the real role of our nation in the vast region of the world. This is the most important factor of national identity that is fundamentally changing the national consciousness , "- he said in a speech .

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