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Ozbeks (Uzbeks)

08 August 2013

It is believed that Ozbeks got their name from the Ozbek Khan. They are from those Kazakhs who once followed the az-Zhanibek and were sent in hand of Chagataids, and then settled in the Maverannakhr and became to be known as Ozbeks. Only. In fact, it is the most real Kazakhs. Among them were also the Mughals (Mongols) and Tatars of the Jochi Ulus and Chagatai ulus. The main genus of Ozbeks is tuyakly. It includes molla kesik and mirza kesik. Metani. Those are the nogays. The naiman tribes: kostamgali, uaktamgali, sadirbek. Naiman consider themselves seceded from the konyratts Kazakhs. There are three tribes of Uysun: oshakty, koztamgali, ertenekti. There are also koteshi katagans. They nicknamed Bekzat (prince). And also the numerically small tribes such as: saray, bagyrip, zhuskirik, men, kitay, kipshak, karakalpak, turkmen, zhalayir, durman, turk, batash, mangit, kanli, keleges, maset, babi, tama, merkit, allat. They all came from different places, and all are called Ozbek

From the book of Shakarim Kudayberdy-uly "Genealogy of Turks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and their Khan dynasties". Translation by B. Kairbekov. Alma-Ata, Dastan JV, 1990

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