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According to the Arab historians, Bashkirs are the descendants of the Turks mixed with Finno-Ugric peoples. In 1723, the year of the Great Tribulation ("Aktaban-shubyryndy"), they separated from the Kazakhs and mingled with the Tatars.

Bashkir Branch is the maneke. It means mangit – Kalmaki, nicknamed by the togaylinsk Tatars, and the genus tabin. The former Kazakhs from the Little Horde - tabin, kipchak, tama, kytai, kerey and kirghiz from the tyzdar tribe. From the Finno-Ugric tribes (who affected the ethnic origin of Bashkirs) are known: burmantin, borzin, esirgen, tangauyr, kodey, tanyp, aily, kuakan, karshi, kayli, beldat , togyzi, yeni, bailar, duan, aylan, zoran, bullar, uran, uanysh, ermeti, Gayten, shuben, nogai, Sart, merkit, saraly, mescher, telten, bakay, arlar, sarysh, bayuly. The names of these tribes give us the opportunity to suggest that Bashkirs is the same Kazakhs, who joined the union of different tribes.

From the book of Shakarim Kudayberdy-uly "Genealogy of Turks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and their Khan dynasties". Translation by B. Kairbekov. Alma-Ata, Dastan JV, 1990

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