«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

Interview of the senior research associate of Institute of history of the state of the Ministry of Education of RK Saule Bagdatova.


Kazakhstan joins in world historical space and defines global prospects of development of national history. Such opinion was expressed the senior research associate of Institute of history of the state of the Ministry of Education of RK by Saule Bagdatova, the correspondent of BNews.kz reports.

"For today the detailed, deep analysis of scientific achievements of the country is carried out - tasks and prospects of further development of national historical science are defined. There is a need of conceptual reconsideration of the key moments of history of Kazakhstan, refusal of stamps and the stereotypes which have developed in domestic historical science", - the employee of institute told.

S. Bagdatova emphasizes that now it is necessary to pay also huge attention "to unity in advance of professional interests, preparation of highly professional young researchers".

"The strategic problem of paradigmatic changes in activity of domestic researchers, development of the new views, new conceptual approaches, an inclusiveness in world historical space is set. As a whole absolutely new image of domestic historical science in the XXI century in which context "the national history has to become the central link among social sciences"" was defined, - she speaks.

The expert also notes that at a boundary of the XX-XXI centuries under the leadership of the Leader of the Nation N. Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan enormous political, social and economic reforms are carried out – in 1-2 decades in difficult circumstances problems of centuries were solved.

"Scale and the historical importance of the events which have occurred in Kazakhstan for the last quarter of the century, respectively demand system judgment domestic historical science", - S. Bagdatova concluded.

Let's remind, on June 5 the current year in Astana, at the Euroasian national university of name L.N. Gumilev the National meeting on questions of studying of national history under the chairmanship of the State secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan M. Tazhina took place.

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