«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

Challenges and innovations in the historical science of Kazakhstan


An active work on the better understanding of the history is being promoted in Kazakhstan during the last half of the year. This was presented during a briefing on the topic: "Challenges and innovations in the historical science of Kazakhstan," said the doctor of historical sciences, professor, and director of the "Institute of State History" Burkitbay Ayagan.

"The works on the reconstruction of history of the nation have been started. The restoration of a complete picture will help to overcome the fragment nature of the scientific research and re-create the real picture of ethnogenesis of the Kazakh people as well as the formation of states, existing in the vast steppe. We pay great attention not only to the history of the Kazakh people, but also to the history of all the nations who inhabit our country and make a great contribution to the formation and construction of independent Kazakhstan "- the professor said.

According to his information, for less than a two month, the nation archaeologists found valuable artifacts in Sayram village in South Kazakhstani region and also in the mounds of Saka period in the East Kazakhstani region. From June, 29 to July, 3 2013, the meetings between the historians and the official representatives of local authorities were held in Kazakhstan. Various presentations were made by the presidents of major universities and research institutions. Development of the project of scientific and technical program "The people in the flow of history” is being held. 

«A constantly updated database of overseas centers and the scientists engaged in a history of Kazakhstan was created. On June, 23 2013, exactly 23 scholars were selected to work in the foreign archival centers of Iran, Russia, Turkey and the UK. So as for today, 10 of them have already returned and now the next group is being prepared for the next trip abroad. Ministry of Culture and Information consider the question of archiving found materials; the next goal is to ensure that people have a broad access to those materials».  – said the professor.

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