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Unique artifacts of the state Kangyuy are found in the Southern Kazakhstan


In the Southern Kazakhstan state Kangyuy artifacts are found. Scientists call the find unique. Artifacts belong to the 3rd century B.C., by the low-studied and mysterious era of the state Kangyuy. Archeologists declare that the found finds can affect history reconsideration. One of the most valuable finds is the fragment of ancient writing. For the last 12 years on "Kultobe's" ancient settlement scientists found 15 tables with writing kangues. One sign on a brick can contain the whole phrase, archeologists speak. They already learned to read ancient writing. Alexander Podushkin, doctor of historical sciences, professor: "There is information of the state value. The most powerful centers for those times appear: Samarkand, Bukhara, Chach, Kesh and other titles, governors. It is the major information which directly influences recomprehension of our history, to addition, expansion of knowledge".

The mass of other unique artifacts are found on "Kultobe's" ancient settlement within the international expedition of the central state museum of Moscow and students of YuKGP. Scientists and students dug out playing asycks, ceramics with Sarmatian signs. The frame design - a column covered with clay is found even. Scientists will determine architecture of buildings of the ancient state by this find. The season of excavation on "Kultobe's" ancient settlement only began therefore until the end of summer scientists expect to find a weight more of valuable artifacts.

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