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Scientists in foreign archives will be engaged in studying of unknown pages of history of Kazakhstan


Soon the group of scientists in archives of Iran, China, France, Turkey, Russia will be engaged in studying of unknown pages of the Kazakh history, reported in agency Interfax Kazakhstan with reference to the Responsible secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Alija Galimov.

"The group of scientists will leave soon in archives of other states for studying low-studied, probably, even unknown, pages of history of Kazakhstan", - she told at a briefing in Service of the central communications at the president of the republic on Wednesday in Astana. Scientists will go to Iran, China, France, Turkey, Russia. "There is an arrangement with archives of these countries", - A.Galimova added.

It is work it will be conducted under the auspices of two scientific centers of Kazakhstan: institute of history of the state and scientific institute of history and ethnology of a name of Chokan Valikhanova.

The executive secretary also reminded that it is entrusted to Ministry of Education and Science to develop two new textbooks on stories of Kazakhstan.

"One textbook will cover the period from the most ancient times to the present days, the second textbook will be calculated on illumination of national history during the modern period", - she told.

Besides, the ministry carried out now audit of training programs on stories of Kazakhstan.

"The working group was created, both all authoritative historians and experts teacher gave the offers. On the basis of them we modernized educational programs. The emphasis will be placed on illumination of separate subjects", - she told.

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