«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

Sessions of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan


1 constituent session (March, 1995) – "For peace and harmony in our general house"

2 session (June, 1995) – "Judgment passable and further democratic reforming of society"

3 session (April, 1996) – "A public consent – a basis of democratic development of Kazakhstan"

4 session (June, 1997) – "Historical memory, a national consent and democratic reforms – a civil choice of the people of Kazakhstan"

5 session (January, 1999) – "A national consent – a basis of stability and development of Kazakhstan"

6 session (December, 1999) – "In friendship and a consent in the XXI century"

7 session (December, 2000) – "Spiritual cultural development of the people – a basis of strengthening of the state independence of Kazakhstan"

8 session (October, 2001) – "10 years of Independence: world, progress and public consent"

9 session (November, 2002) – "Strategy of development of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan: national consent, safety, civil world"

10 session (December, 2003) – "The Kazakhstan model of an interethnic consent: experience, practice and prospects"

11 session (November, 2005) – "Ten years of the world, an international consent and creation"

12 session (October, 2006) – "In each heart – the native land"

13 session (August, 2007) – "Is necessary to us society consolidation round the main national priorities is the world, stability and a consent"

14 session (October, 2008) – "Country force – in unity of the people"

15 session (October, 2009) – "National unity – our strategic choice"

16 session (20.10.2010) - "Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan: Trust. Traditions. Transparency. Tolerance"

17 session (18.04.2011г. ) - "Independent Kazakhstan: 20 years of the world, consent and creation".

18 session (16.01.2012г. ) – "Extraordinary elections of deputies of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, chosen by Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan"

19 session (27.04.2012) - "The Kazakhstan way: stability, unity, modernization"

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