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Vostrov Veniamin Vasilyevich

05 September 2013

VOSTROV Veniamin Vasilyevich – Specialist in thehistory of Kazakhagriculture, housing, ethnic history ofthe Kazakh people, Ph.D. (1953).

After school he studied in the Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov (historical faculty) (1945-1950);

Post-graduate student of the Institute of Ethnography (AS of the USSR) in Leningrad (1950);

Scientific Secretary ofthe Department of SocialSciencesof the Kazakh SSR(1953-1955);

Senior research fellow at the Department of Ethnography, Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography named after Ch.Ch.Valikhanov, AS of theKazakh SSR(1955-1959).

Vostrov V.V. participated in a number of all-Union scientific sessions and meetings (Tbilisi, Moscow, Lvov, Samarkand), presented papers on various problems of Kazakh ethnography.

Participant of the Great Patriotic War.

Main Studies:

Rodoplemennoj sostav i rasselenie kazahov: (Konec XIX- nachalo XX v.). M., 1968. (V soavtorstve).

Kazahi Dzhanybekskogo rajona Zapadno-Kazahstanskoj oblasti (istoriko-jetnograficheskij ocherk). // Trudy IIAJe AN KazSSR, t.3, 1956.

Nekotorye izdelija kazahskih masterov-zergerov (po materialam jekspedicii 1955 g.). //Trudy IIAJe AN KazSSR, t.6, 1958.

Kazahi (v soavtorstve I.V. Zaharovoj). – M., 1963.

Kazahi // Narody sovetskogo Sojuza (v soavtorstve s H. Kauanovoj). Moskva, 1972, №4 (v soavtorstve).

Nekotorye voprosy jetnografii kazahov Kzyl-Ordinskoj oblasti //Trudy IIAJe AN KazSSR. T.18, 1963.

K istorii razvitija osedlogo zhilishha u kazahov // Materialy k istoriko-jetnograficheskogo atlasu Srednej Azii i Kazahstana. Moskva-Leningrad, 1961.

Қazaқ shezhіresі haқynda (bіrlesken avtorlyқta). Almaty, 1998.

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