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Events calendar

22 April

22 April 1997

In 1997 the military police of the RK was formed

22 April 1928

Birthday of Nurmakhan Zhanturin (1928-1990)


Nurmahan Zhanturin was the People’s artist of Kazakhstan. He was born in Atyrau region, graduated Drama faculty of Theatre and Art Institute.

Work experience:

In 1952-1967 and from 1988 the actor of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Auezov. In 1967-1988, he worked at the studio “Kazakhfilm”. He created vivid images in film and on stage. He performed the role of Shokan in the theater (“Shokan Ualikhanov” by S. Mukanov), Kodara (“Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu” by G. Musrepov), Kebek and Syrym (“Enlik-Bekek” and “Karakoz” by M. Auezov), Arman (“Odno derevo – na les” (“One tree on forest”) by A. Tazhibayeva), Kaben (“Neugasimyi ogon” (“Unquenchable fire” by Z. Kabdolov), Sanzhan (“Nesmeshnaiya komediya” (“Unfunny comedy” by A. Tarazi), Doctor (“Vsemi zabytyi” (“Forgotten by everyone”) by N. Hikhmet), Sintaro (“Sudba zhenshiny” (“Woman’s fate”) by M. Kaoru), Moliere (“Kabala Svyatosh” (“The Cabal of Hypocrites” by M. Bulgakov). He became famous due to his performance of the role of classical repertoire: Iago and Macbeth in “Othello” and “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare.

He appeared in more than 30 films. The first part is the Boy-Chukchi Tumatug in the movie “Alitet uhodit v gory” (“Aliter goes to the mountains”) (the novel of T. Semushkina).


Kerim, Zhomart (“Doch stepei” (“Daughter of the Steppes”), “Saltanat” (“Saltanat”);

Alzhanov (“Na dikom beregu Irtysha” (“On the wild shore of Irtysh”);

Aubakir, Tagai (“Znoy” (“Heat”), “Dzhura” “Jura”);

Tanabay (“Beg inohodca” (“Run of the pacer”);

Kurmangazy (“Kurmangazy”);

Sapar, Shal (in the television movies “Kolodec Sapara” (“The well of Sapar”) and “Starik, dogonyaiushii ten” (“Old man chasing a shadow”), etc

In the film “Ego vremya pridet” (director M. Begalin) for the first time created the image of Shokan Ualikhanov.


22 April 1971

In 1971, for the first time in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan at that time, arrived Tu-154

Distance between Moscow and Almaty the airliner flew in 3 hours and 45 minutes.