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Events calendar

20 November

20 November 1923

In 1923 the first issue of the daily newspaper “Sovetskaya step” (“Soviet steppe”) was released

92 years ago the first issue of the daily newspaper «Sovetskaiya step», the body of the Kyrgyz bureau and the Orenburg provincial committee, was released. The main editor was L. Heifetz.

20 November 1917

The Appeal of the Soviet government "To all working Muslims of Russia and the East" was published

On November 20, 1917 the Appeal of the Soviet government «To all working Muslims of Russia and the East» in which national and cultural institutions, customs and beliefs of Muslims were declared as free and inviolable was published. In particular, it was emphasized: «From now on your beliefs and customs, your national and cultural institutions are declared as free and inviolable. You can arrange your national life freely and without any resistant».