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22 July

22 July 1822

In 1822 the Decree of the Russian Empire “On Siberian Kazakhs” was released

The Decree «On Siberian Kazakhs» — in pre-revolutionary Russian legislation, the control system determines the «Siberian Kirghiz» (Kazakhs living in Omsk region). The whole territory were inhabited by «Siberian Kirghiz», they were included in Middle Juz that covered several districts of the region.

District consisted of 15–20 administrative subdivisions, one administrative subdivision consisted of 10–12 villages and village from 50–70 tents. Police administrative, financial and judicial functions in the area were carried out by the district order, consisting of a chairman (senior-Sultan), 2 appointed Russian jurors and 2 judges (biy) of «honorary Kirgiz», elected by the local nobility. Administrative subdivision was headed by sultan, village — sergeant. Officials were registered in the public service: senior-Sultan held the rank of Major and for three terms (9 years) received hereditary nobility. This system of control of Kazakhs in Omsk region with some changes remained until 1917.