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8 March

8 March 1932

Kazakh Academy of science of USSR was organized on March 8, 1932

Scientific organisations such as the Boundary station conservation (1924), Research institute of Fertilizers and soil science agronomy (1926) were opened from the beginning of 20th century. Main branches of the Geological Committee of Alma-Ata and the Institute of non-ferrous metals started working. In 1927 were organized the Kazakh USSR's expedition on complex research of natural resources of the Republic which led by academician Fersman, A.E.

By 1932 there were over 10 research institutes and experimental stations, hundreds of bases, several geological organizations, laboratories and meteorological stations.

Kazakh Academy of science of USSR were organized  March 8, 1932. Sectors of zoology and botany worked there. 


8 March

International Women's Day