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1 March

1 March 1995

In 1995 a decree of the President of Kazakhstan on formation of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan was released

Established by a decree of the President of Kazakhstan as of 1 March 1995 Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan occupies a central place in the national public policy system. Integrating more than 820 ethnic and cultural associations it became a key element of social consensus that combines the capacity of civil society and the state. Having no analogues in the world this unique institution of civil society became the body of public diplomacy. Over the years the Assembly became a focal point of central and local executive authorities on inter-ethnic development. This work covers the information, education, legal and international aspects of inter-ethnic harmony.

Chairman of the Assembly is the President himself - the guarantor of the Constitution, and this is determined by its high social and political status. The decisions of its supreme body are required to review by all state bodies.

1 March 2006

In 2006 N. Nazarbayev addressed to the people following the message: ”The strategy of entry of Kazakhstan into the 50 most competitive countries of the world"

Now Kazakhstan is at the turn of a new stage of socio - economic modernization and political democratization.

My understanding of the main components that allow us to pretend a place in the group of countries belonging to the top of world rankings table is as follows.

First, the foundation of a prosperous and dynamically developing society can only be a modern, competitive and open market economy which is not limited in the scope of the commodity sector. It is an economy based on the respect and protection of private property and contractual relations, initiative and entrepreneurship of all members of the society.

Secondly, we are building a socially-oriented community which is surrounded by care and attention of older people, mothers and children, youth, the society that provides high quality and advanced social standards of life for all segments of the population.

Third, we are building a free, open and democratic society.

Fourth, we are consistently creating and strengthening rule-of-law state based on balanced political system of controls and counterbalances.

Fifth, we guarantee and ensure the complete equality of all religions and religious harmony in Kazakhstan. We respect and develop the best traditions of Islam and other world and traditional religions, but building a modern secular state.

Sixth, we maintain and develop the centuries-old traditions, language and culture of the Kazakh people, while providing interethnic and intercultural harmony, progress of the united people of Kazakhstan.

Seventh, and this is one of our highest priorities, we consider our country as a full and responsible member of the international community, where Kazakhstan performs important functions of maintaining geopolitical stability and security in the region.

Today, addressing to you, dear people of Kazakhstan with my annual message, I would like to introduce the main priorities of entry of Kazakhstan into the most competitive and dynamically developing countries of the world.

1 March