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25 August

25 August 1892

Birthday of Zhumat Shanin, producer and dramatist

Zhumat Turgynbayevich Shanin — the first Kazakh producer, play-writer, artist, one of the founders of the national professional theater art, People’s Artist of KazASSR (1931). 

In 1920-s Zhumat Shanin was the Director of “Es-Aimak” troupe in Semipalatinsk and arranged his first play “Arkalyk Batyr” (“Warrior Arkalyk”), written by homself on the basis of national legends (zhyrs) and drama “Kyzyl Sunkarlar” (“Red Falcons”) by S.Seifullin (1922) where he played the role of Arkalyk batyr and Yerkebulan. In 1925 his comedietta “Torsykbai” was published in Semipalatinsk magazine “Tan”.

In 1925 he became the Head and of the Artistic Director of the Kazakh Drama Theater. He produced plays of national and classical dramatic art.

In 1927 he participated in ethnographic concert in Moscow with the group of masters of art.
In 1932-1933 he worked as the Chief Director of the Kirgiz Drama Theatre in Frunze (Bishkek). Untill 1935 Zh. Shanin was the Artistic Director of musical theatre.

In 1936-1937 he participated in creation of the Ural Musical Drama Theatre which he headed.
He is the author of the following plays: “Zhandy Suret”, “Kara Kulyn”, “Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu”, “Ush Bazha” and contributed to the development of national dramatic art.
Died on February 26, 1938.