For the anniversary of Abylkhan Kasteev

06 March 2014
For the anniversary of Abylkhan Kasteev
An exhibition dedicated to the 110th anniversary of birth of the outstanding Kazakh artist Abylkhan Kasteyev has been held in the capital Museum of modern art.

Abylkhan Kasteyev was the first national artist of Kazakh SSR. He was a founder of Kazakh art and his work takes a special place in the history of our culture. His talent is multifaceted andartistic heritage is diverse. Throughout the years, the artist has written more than a thousand works. He created paintings on historical themes, genre paintings, which show the life of Kazakhs in the pre-revolutionary period and life of his contemporaries. According to experts, his landscapes distinguished with a special lyricism and even musicality. His works, written at different time describe mountain ranges, steppe and many types of nature, which give a bright, belovedand highly beautiful image of Motherland.  

A.Kasteyev's works exhibited in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow) and the State Museum of Art (Almaty). His paintings, watercolors and drawings being kept in many museums of the country, private collections and personal archives of the family.

There are 14 works of the master at the Funds of capital museum. They include, two canvases "View to mountains from park of culture" and "View of park with a pond", which were created in 1937. In a small exposition also shown 12 watercolors of 60th, portraits of Abay Kunanbayev and Birzhan-sal, landscapes and themed paintings - "Summer pasture Chalakudy", "Flock of sheep on zhailau","Talas River","Karau. Ore mining", "Mobile shop on pasture" and so on.  

Natalia Allyanova 

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