The historian-veteran from Pavlodar wrote the book about the heroes of labor

17 February 2014
The historian-veteran from Pavlodar wrote the book about the heroes of labor
A documentary book of the candidate of historical sciences, local historian Maria Terenik “Heroes of Socialist Labor of Pavlodar Priirtyshye” was published in Pavlodar.

The book represents the essays and information about 69 residents of the region that received the highest award of the USSR for labor achievements, reports

  For the author, this collection is response to the idea of President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the policy document "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty Steps to Universal Society of Labour", which convincingly proved the correctness of the trend of the 21 century, only labor can provide the well-being for all and achieve a new quality of life.

  Heroes of Labor, the main heroes of the book are the examples to follow in relation to their work. These are the people of different nationalities - Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans. Maria Serafimovna collected information about them bit by bit from the archives and the old newspaper files.

  The crop grower Tatiana Kirpichenko was the first person in the area who was presented with the award in March 1948, the last persons in 1986 who were awarded with the stars of the heroes were the worker of aluminum smelter Nikolai Sofjin and the skinner from Ekibastuz Nikolai Peshkov.

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