The Center of national values ​​"Otbasy" was presented in Astana

10 February 2014
The Center of national values ​​"Otbasy" was presented in Astana
"Otbasy" is a public organization of citizens united by the desire to make a personal contribution to the revival and promotion of national family values.

The introductory event dedicated to the presentation of the Center of national values ​​"Otbasy" was held in Astana, reports

  "The objective of the center is to promote the family values, revive and promote the national traditions, customs and rituals. Our center aims to save marriage and that these national values ​​have been understood by the youth and that they will pass them from generation to generation, "- said the chairman of the public association center of national values ​​"Otbasy" Sholpan Syzdykova.

  The program of presentation included the theater show of Kazakh traditions and customs: kyz uzatu and kelіn tusіru and neo-folk collection of famous Kazakh designer Aidarkhan Kaliyev "Peri of the Great Steppe." His unique collections have long been the hallmark of Kazakhstan on global and international forums and exhibitions: in Tashkent and Bishkek, Moscow and Baku, Riga and Istanbul, Malaysia and Singapore, India and China, Germany and France, the UK and Spain, in Warsaw, etc.

  "What distinguishes the show from the others is that the models are the famous business woman", - said Sholpan Syzdykova. According to organizers, the event plays an important role in the development of national cultural heritage, supporting the promotion of traditional values ​​in society.

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