Yerzhan Babakumarov: "The task of the portal «» is to provide the younger generation with reliable facts about the historical events that were taking place in our country"

11 December 2013
Yerzhan Babakumarov: "The task of the portal «» is to provide the younger generation with reliable facts about the historical events that were taking place in our country"
According to the results of the competition "National Internet Award», the informational and educational portal «The History of Kazakhstan»

According to the results of the competition "National Internet Award», the informational and educational portal «The History of Kazakhstan», was considered as the best educational resource in the category «Children's nurturing, science and education». A jury of 28 international and Kazakh experts commended the following criteria:

¾  Design and Usability;

¾  Content and Interactivity

¾  Content and Interactivity in the Kazakh language

¾  Functionality and Manufacturability

The Chairman of the central communication services under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yerzhan Zhalbakovich Babakumarov, answered some questions about the project:

¾  Erjan Zhalbakovich, tell us how it all began?

¾  After an extended meeting of the Interagency Working Group for the study of national history, the task was set in front of us, to create a resource where every person who is interested in the history of our country, would find for themselves all the necessary and useful information regarding the history of Kazakhstan.

¾  The first meeting of the working group, to which  the interested specialists from the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Culture and Information  and their subordinate organizations had been invited, was the most important brainstorming center of the entire project: this meeting came to the idea of ​​creating an interactive module for students, who would be preparing to pass the entrance and final examinations, as well as to the idea of ​​creating  an electronic magazine «», which could be intended for the publication of scientific works of scientists, students and undergraduates. Now placing on the portal is equivalent to publication in a scientific print edition, thereby simplifying the passage of one of the stages of the Master’s degree or PhD.

¾  During the course of the project the cooperation with the publishers and copyright holders of the books and textbooks were achieved. As a result, the scientific publications of our scientists are constantly placed on our portal.

¾  What are the plans for further development of the portal?

¾  The portal will be filled with a new, interesting and high quality material. Furthermore, the tests will be added to the section “Test ENT”, while the “Library” section will be filled with some new, interesting books. Moreover, we are planning to launch the mobile application of our portal on such systems as iOS and Android. Besides, we are now gathering the information to launch 4 special projects of our portal. And yet these problems are only a small part of the work that we are planning to do in the future.

¾  Erjan Zhalbakovich, tell me what, in your opinion, is the role of knowledge of the history in development of the country?

¾  The knowledge of the history of the country is one of the most important parameters that determine the quality of a person. The main task of the portal is to provide the younger generation with reliable facts about the historical events that were taking place in our country in various forms, whether it is interactive modules, movies, cartoons, books, etc.

"History of Kazakhstan" is one of the most anticipated projects in Kazakhstan, which is devoted to the national history of the country, from the ancient times until the achievement of independence, and also the recent history, from 1991 to the present. The portal is an informational and educational project and every user will find the interesting information in any given format.

The following persons shared their opinion: Alimgazinov Kairat Shakarimovich, the Head of historiography, source studies and the modern methodology, the doctor of historical sciences. Alim Auanasova Musirovna, the Chief Researcher of "Institute of History of the State" of the Committee of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Historical Sciences:

The modernization of the historical science that was mentioned by the Secretary of State M. Tazhin on June, 5 2013, will allow us to raise the level of the historical knowledge, in order to create some new developments in this branch of science.

The portal "History of Kazakhstan" was highly appraised, winning the national award “ in the category "Child care, education and science". These achievements show the importance of the project for the society (as well as for the youth), which is constantly need the innovations and the generation of ideas.

In an age, when technology is evolving so rapidly that it is necessary to not only reside in the center of events, but also to respond to them adequately, the created Portal will allow us to react quickly to the events both abroad and in Kazakhstan, as well as gives full volume of knowledge and information on the history of Kazakhstan. Due to such approach we managed to create the whole platform of historical reality, to attract attention to the history of Kazakhstan not only Kazakhstani Internet users, but also the foreigners.

Such amount of users was interested in its content in the first months that the developers had to continually replenish the content of a site with new materials. Moreover, it was necessary to choose content at a high professional level. This approach to filling content allowed expanding horizons in the field of science and education.

Structure of the Portal, its content, actual questions, posted textbooks, instructional materials, fund of electronic library, archives and other documentary materials in three languages were highly ​​appreciated by all its users. Among them are young people, who are the most receptive to new technologies: young people are fully able to take advantage of this resource. We believe that the number of users of the Portal will only grow. And it's encouraging, as it allows the Portal to become a kind of informational corridor of communication for internet users on an international scale, to enrich the knowledge of all those interested in the history of Kazakhstan.

Good quality of the content, its popularity among users of Internet resources had been made possible thanks to the coordinated and time-consuming work of a small group that was able to concentrate their forces and knowledge to create the Internet resource with rich content in a short time. There is not much time passed since the launching of the Portal, but its developers are not standing still. Today their task is to raise the content of the Portal to the qualitative level.

I would like to congratulate all those who took an active part in the development of the Portal "History of Kazakhstan" with the getting of the National Internet Award in the category "Children's up-bringing, science and education" ( web-site of the award I wish our team a creative success in the implementation of the set tasks.

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