Archeologists claim different date of Turkestan foundation

10 August 2013
Archeologists claim different date of Turkestan foundation
During a recent archeological expedition to Turkestan, archeologists found an architectural complex dating back to the first century A.D. This allows to claim a different date of the city foundation,

“One of the most important results of archeological works conducted in Turkestan during the recent archeological season is that a new construction layer and cultural level dated back to the first century A.D. was discovered,” Smagulov said. The archeologist noted that the discovered construction level was in a good condition.

“We found an archeological monument in form of three-four meters high structures with arches, passages and rooms. Its central part was built in form of a cross which is very interesting. Found archeological materials allow us to say that the monument belongs to the first century. Arrow-heads, pieces of ceramics, bronze wares and other artifacts prove that the complex was built not later than in the first century A.D. This allows to speak about a different date of the city foundation. Formerly, the city was considered to be found in the 4-5thcenturies A.D. This is a usual process as long as the research is underway,” Smagulov said.

The archeologists note that the date of the city foundation is rather relative. All the made conclusions are approximate. According to Smagulov, the number of records about the cities of Kazakhstan is quite small. Therefore, archeological research is the basic resource of information but they are not very precise. Y.Smagulov said that they sent a request to the Ministry of Culture to protect the monument and turn it into a museum, reports.

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