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Round table "Alash's Heritage and the idea of a Leader of the Nation" was held

"National Digital History" portal on the eve of the birthday of the leader of the national intelligentsia Alikhan Bukeikhan organized a round table on the topic "Alash's Heritage and the idea of ​​the Head of State". At the beginning of this year at the meeting of the Government, the Deputy Prime Minister of RK Imangali Tasmagambetov raised the issue of holding the 100th anniversary of Alash at a high level. In the cultural and historical life of the country there were many important events, for example, last year celebrated the 150th anniversary of the leader of the national intelligentsia, Alikhan Bukeikhan. Also managed to return to the homeland skull of Keiki Kokembayuly, the legendary Kazakh batyr, a member of the national liberation uprising. Such events will help to redefine the white patches of history and comprehend it. Heads of "Kazcontent" JSC, professional historians and scientists of Alashevs took part in the round table: Akkuly S., Sak K., Erimbetova K., Sailaubai E. They shared important information and interesting opinions about the history of Alash. The scientific basis, the consolidation of the concepts of "Alash", its place in the national intelligentsia, in the world historical arena and in the Russian historical space, the activities of the Alash Orda government, as well as well-known and unknown names of personalities and other historical information - all these issues were discussed in the round table.