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The jewelry

09 August 2013

The art of metalwork is appertain to the lessons that are situated on the shaky verge, where the general craft ceases to be a craft and becoming an art. The Kazakh masters zergers, who worked on silver, perfectly mastered the sophisticated technology of jewelry: stamping, engraving, embossing , graining , filigree, knurled, blackening. Women's jewelry such as onirzhiek - pectorals, blezik - wristbands, zhuzik - rings, kosa syrga – earrings with pendants and other styles, are surprisingly close, by the manufacturing technique, to the so-called polychrome style, which is known from the archaeological finds of 4th and 5th centuries of a new era in Kazakhstan (Borovoye, Kanattas, Karaagach, Koktal, Kyzyl-Kynar-tobe, Aktobe, etc.).

Ring-seal. Ring with a mirror shield. The Issyk barrow. V-IV centuries BC, Semirechye



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