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20 March

20 March 1961

55 years ago Akmolinsk was renamed into Tselinograd

55 years ago by the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme of Kazakh SSR the city of Akmolinsk (from 1830 to 1961) was renamed into Tselinograd (from 1961 to 1992). On May 6, 1998 by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan, «considering petitions of local executive and representative bodies, wishes of the public of the city of Akmola and based on the inference of the State onomastic commission at the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan», the city of Akmola was renamed into the city of Astana.

20 March 1869

Today is the birthday of Alexander Zatayevich — ethnographer, composer and People’s Artist of Kazakhstan

146 years ago was born musical critic, ethnographer, composer and People’s of Artist of Kazakhstan Alexander Victorovich Zatayevich.

20 March

20 March 1915

20 March 1992

21 years ago (1992), Kazakhstan began to release its postage stamps.

“Altyn Sarbaz – Golden Warrior” was the first stamps, later became the symbol of independence. From that moment Kazakhstan’s brand took its place among the world catalogs of post stamps and collection of philatelists.

Today about 300 stamps and blocks have been released.