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2 February

2 February 1940

Today is 76th birthday of the scientist of literature and national writer of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Magauin

2 February 1913

The publishing of the first edition of the weekly newspaper "Kazakh"

The weekly nationwide, social, political and literary newspaper "Kazakh» was published in the Kazakh language with the use of Arabic alphabet in Orenburg (From February 2, 1913 to September 26, 1918). The creators are the leaders of the Kazakh national movement A. Bokeyhanov, A. Baytursynov, M. Dulatov. The main aim of the newspaper was to promote the ideas and activities of national and liberal intelligentsia of party "Alash" as well as the Alash government. Only 264 issues were sold with over than 8000 copies. The financing of the newspaper was carried out by the subscribers, advertisers and publishers (Mustafa Orazaev, partnership "Azamat")."The first writer" is the Senior Editor Ahmet Baitursynov.