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31 October

31 October 1871

In 1871 the famous aytys between Birzhan and Sarah took place

31 October 2005

In 2005 in the village Kokpekty of the East Kazakhstan region the mosque was opened

In 2005 in the village Kokpekty of the East Kazakhstan region the mosque was opened. The mosque was opened 14 years ago by Tana-myrza. The mosque in the village was built by Tana-myrza’s efforts 140 years ago. Since that time mosques have never been built. The house of worship existed till today, settled down in the building of the former district committee of the party. Construction of the new building of the mosque began in May, 2004. It was built by the masters from Uzbekistan. Each brick was molded manually. The Uzbek builders used the material brought from Samarkand. Now in the district there is the real mosque for carrying out all ceremonial actions.

31 October 2007

In 2007 in the village Zhertumsyk of Pavlodar region the obelisk of Glory to Soldiers was built

In 2007 in the village of Zhertumsyk of the Pavlodar region the obelisk of Glory to Soldier, who did not return from battles fields in the Great Patriotic War, was built. Names of 40 soldiers and countrymen who gave lives for the Homeland were marked on the stela.