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28 December

28 December 1999

The year of two thousand was declared the Year of Culture Support

In order to revive, preserve and develop the multinational culture of Kazakhstan, I decree:

1.  Declare the year of two thousand as the year of culture support

2.   Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

1)   Create the State Commission for the Year of Culture Support by January 20, 2000

Make an offer for the eminent persons of literature and art,leaders of public associations, national and cultural centers, creative unions and religious organizations to join the State Commission;

Instruct the heads of central executive bodies, regional governors and the governors of Astana and Almaty to create the similar commissions;

  2) Approve the action plan for the organization of the Year of Culture by January 20, 2000; the plan should cover all the cardinal problems of regeneration and development in all spheres of multinational culture;

3) The funding of the events for the support of the Year of Culture should be conducted in accordance with legislation;

4) Provide a broad propaganda and the media coverage of the activities that envisaged as a part of the Year of Culture Support;

5) Instruct the State Commission for the Year of Culture Support to continue the work that was carried out in the years of national consensus and remembrance of the victims of political repression, national unity and national history, unity and continuity of generations;

3. This Decree shall enter into force on the date of publication.

The President of the Republic Kazakhstan