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20 December

20 December 1928

Kazakh Central Executive Committee adopted a resolution on the transition of Kazakh writing system to Latin alphabet.

The first Kazakh Latinized alphabet from the spelling-book of 1924 and its compliance with the Arabic alphabet.

In the twenties, the most important problem of Kazakhstan was the creation of educational, juvenile, and educational literature in the native language, as well as the preparation of the spelling-books and school grammar, and the formation of literary language. The first research works in this field provided the possibility to simplify the Arabic script and temporarily use it to create tutorials in the native language.

However, the pedagogical community urgently required a quick translation of the Kazakh writing system to Russian or Latinized alphabet. Despite the opposition of the nationalistic elements, the transition to a Latinized alphabet was implemented in 1929 with the adoption of the decree of the Kazakh Central Executive Committee, which was a step forward in the development of education in the republic.