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19 December

19 December 1931

83 years ago the Karaganda Corrective Labor Camp was established

83 years ago the Karaganda labour training camp was established. It was located in the village of Dolinka, 45 kilometres away from the city of Karaganda. The main function of the Karaganda camp was to use free labour of prisoners to create base of food for developing coal mining and metallurgic industry in Central Kazakhstan. After forced eviction of local population the territory was given for numerous colonies. They constructed railways, barracks for future prisoners, facilities for livestock, quarters for military guard and accommodation for command staff. Over the period of its existence more than one million of prisoners lived in the camp. The made a great contribution to military economy of the country during the Great Patriotic War. Famous scientists served a term of imprisonment there. Hundreds of workers of art from the Soviet Union and foreign countries passed through the Karlag. Over time it became a camp for criminals. The camp was overthrown in 1959.

19 December 1996

18 years ago the first congress of judges took place in Kazakhstan

18 years ago the first congress of judges took place in Kazakhstan. Participants discussed longstanding issues concerning organization and functions of justice system. They established the Union of Judges of the republic and adopted the Code of judicial ethics.

19 December 1921

Birthday of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Tulegen Tokhtarov.

Tulegen Tokhtarov (December 19, 1921 - February 10, 1942) is a veteran of the World War II, a submachine gunner of the 23rd Guards Rifle Division of the 8th Guards Rifle division named after Major General I.V Panfilov, awarded with the Order of Lenin, of the 3rd Shock Army of the Kalinin front, the Guard of the Red Army, Hero of the Soviet Union (1943). 

Born on December 19, 1921 in the village Karabuduk (now Ulan district, East Kazakhstan region), in a rural family. Kazakh. Graduated after the 4th grade. He worked as the refinement-man at the Leninogorsk lead factory of the Leninogorsk polymetallic plant.

In the Red Army since 1941. In the active army since December 1941.

The submachine gunner of the Rifle Division under the leadership of Senior Lieutenant Solovyov, of the 23rd Guards Rifle Division (8th Guards Rifle division, 3rd Shock Army of the Kalinin front). Tulegen Tokhtarov was the first man to break into the village during the battle for the Nagatkino village in the Novgorod region; he killed seven fascists and captured two of them.

  During the first days of the battle, Tulegen decided to hand in an application into the party organization, in this application he wrote: «I want to go to the battle as a communist. Please take me into the party».Soldiers loved Tulegen for his sociability, resourcefulness and courage. He was acting boldly and decisively, more than once he led the soldiers to the battle.

On February 7, 1942, during the battle for the Borodino village, the fearless guard broke into one of the houses and destroyed five enemy soldiers.

Tulegen Tokhtarov died as a hero during the battle on February 10, 1942. On this day, a trench of the Tokhtarov Guard was attacked by the Nazi troops. The brave soldier shoot enemies at point blank range, Nazi forces were not able to stand under the devastating fire of the Soviet soldier and fell back, but soon went on the attack again. During the battle, Tulegen Tokhtarov was seriously wounded in the abdomen, but did not stop the fire. Soon he ran out of ammunition. The Nazi officer was running towards him. Through the pain, Tulegen Tokhtarov rose to his full height and went on to the enemy. Afraid to fall, he gathered his last strength, rushed onto the Nazi soldier and smashed his head with a club, but the bullet of another fascist struck him.