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28 October

28 October 2004

In 2004 the Government adopted the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science

28 October 1893

The birthday of Toraygyrov Sultanmakhmut

Sultanmakhmut Toraygyrov was born in a herder family. His mother died when he was one year old.
He completed madrasa (1908–1910).

At the end of 1912 Toraygyrov moved to Troitsk and entered the Rasuliya Muslim school: he studied sciences and Russian language; read Lermontov, Pushkin and Krylov. In July 1913 he left school because of the disease and started teaching children in aul (village). Since 1913 worked as a secretary on the editing staff of the first Kazakh magazine "Aykap". His first sketches were published there. His collected works were published during the Soviet time.

28 October 2005

In 2005 the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan hosted the opening ceremony of the "500th anniversary of the "Kyz Zhibek" epic poem" exibition

In 2005 the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan hosted the opening ceremony of the "500th anniversary of the "Kyz Zhibek" epic poem" exibition. There were presented the works of eminent scientists who had studied and popularized Kazakh folklore. Attributes of female beauty — traditional and modern dresses, jewelry, and cosmetics were presented. "Kyz Zhibek" is one of the most famous and popular Kazakh epic poems, created during its political unification and ethnic consolidation.