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13 October

13 October 1929

In 1929, the first broadcast in the North Kazakhstan took place

In different years the news, broadcasts, sketches telling about the major events in life of the republic and the North Kazakhstan were prepared by journalists Taisiya Ivanova, Lyudmila Maltseva, Dyusen Auyelbekov, Yury Toropkin, Ermek Kusainov, Gaziz Balgozhin, Galina Bushlanova, announcers Valentin Malyuk, Valentina Benyukh, the Golden eagle Bekmagambetov who was called «the Kazakh Levitan».

13 October 1924

In 1924, was born Berdibek Sokpakbayev

Berdibek Sokpakbayev was born in 1924 in one of mountain villages of the Narynkolsky region of Almaty area. In the same place he graduated secondary school. On the eve of the Great Patriotic War B. Sokpakbayev — impressionable, persistent and diligent «fabzaychonok»; then — service in army; the life after army proceeded by study in Alma-Ata at the Kazakh teacher training college named after Abay, later graduated the High literary courses in Moscow.

For a long time he used work as journalist, worked in editorial offices of newspapers and magazines «Kazakh adebiety» («Kazakh literature»), «Baldyrgan», also worked at the film studio. At the beginning of his career he used to work as teacher at schools of the native area. He was always worried about the complex problems of children’s education. Berdibek Sokpakbayev was teacher-tutor and probably this circumstance influenced his scope of works.

He worked as the consultant for children’s literature in the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan.

13 October 1915