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7 October

7 October 1993

In 1993, Kokchetav city was renamed to Kokshetau

October 7, 1993 the Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the transcribed in Russian names Kokchetav area as Kokshetau city and Kokchetav as Kokshetau, was released.

Today, Kokshetau is the administrative center of Akmola region of Kazakhstan. Kokshetau located in the north Kokshetausky hill, on the shores of Kopa Lake. October 7, 1993 in Russian transcription Kokshetau sounded like Kokchetav, however, after independence, the Government of Kazakhstan adopted the Decision on the transcribed in Russian names «Kokchetav» area as «Kokshetau» and the city «Kokchetav» as «Kokshetau».

7 October 2005

In 2005, the Museum-cabinet of an outstanding Russian scientist and specialist in Turkic philology, ethnographer Lev Gumilyov was opened

The Museum-cabinet of the outstanding Russian scientist and specialist in Turkic philology, ethnographer Lev Gumilyov was opened. Cabinet organized at the university, named after the scientist. Here, there are all the works of L.Gumilyov, including the manuscript of «The Origin of the Kazakh ethnic group» and the original doctoral dissertation, «Ethno-genesis and the Biosphere». The idea of Eurasianism, developed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in accordance with the realities and challenges of the new era also presented here. His wife’s niece M. Novgorodoca, who is the leader of Mineralogical Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after S.Fersmana attended the opening ceremony.

As a present for the Kazakhstan’s museum she gave a typewriter of «Continental» brand on which the great scientist L. Gumilyov typed his works.

7 October 1946

In 1946, at the Kazakh Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Abay was held premiere of lyric and dramatic opera by Tulebayev "Birzhan and Sarah"

Artists of the major parties are A. Umbetbaev (Birzhan) and K.Baiseitova (Sarah). Director — K. Zhandarbekov, conductor — G. Stolyarov, artist — E. Nenashev. The work based on the life story of scientist, singer and composer of the 19th century Birzhan sal.