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11 September

11 September 1969

11 September 2007

11 September 1931

In 1931, the first issue of the local newspaper "Bolshevikskaya kochegarka" (modern "Industrial Karaganda") was released

September 11, 2007, the first issue of the local newspaper Karaganda «Bolshevikskaya kocherga» (modern «Industrial Karaganda») was released. In the 1932–1935 years, the newspaper was published under the title «Karagandinskaya kommuna». During these years, the articles about Donetsk miner Nikita Izotov, about record coal of Alexei Stakhanov were published on the pages of the newspaper. The whole country knew the names of the workers the follower of Stakhanov T.Kuzembaev, K.Baytuganov and A.Topaev. For the 50th anniversary the newspaper staff was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. A special role is given in the newspaper propaganda of the ideas embodied in the Message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev «Kazakhstan-2030».

11 September 1991

In 1991, the Agency for Space Research and State Committee on Land and Land Development were formed

September 11, 1991, by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev the Agency for Space Research and the State Committee on Land and Land Development were formed.

11 September 1883

In 1883, the Semipalatinsk Museum of local history and a public library were founded

Abay Kunanbayev participated in the organization of the museum. He gave to the museum Kazakh yurt with all the decorations.

E. Michaelis led the creation of the museum, as well as members of the Statistical Committee of the Semipalatinsk v. Filippov and v. Suvorcev. Political exiles such as N. Dolgopolov, A.Leontiev, P. Lobanovsky, A. Black, N. Konshin and others took an active participation in the creation. Initiatives to establish the museum and the public library were supported by the chairman of STAT — Governor A. Protsenko.

Today the museum fund has more than 107 thousand units. The exposition of the museum turned into six thematic halls: «Paleontology and Geology», «Nature of the native land», «Archaeology and Ethnography», «History of the City and Region», «Alash movement and Alash city», «Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. We stand for a nuclear-free world», «Semey in the years of independence». Exhibitions on a different topic are regularly shown in the exhibition hall.

The museum consists of an exhibition hall «Semey in the Great Patriotic War», located in the City Palace of Culture, also museums’ branches in the village Karakul of Abay district, village Urzahr of Urzharsk district and Ayagoz city in East Kazakhstan.

Founded in 1883, the East Kazakhstan Regional Universal Library named after Abay is the oldest library in Kazakhstan. In the first year of the library had 274 copies of books and served 130 readers. On December 1992, it was renamed the library named after Abay. Currently, library fund 343 thousand books. Every year it serves more than 17, 039 readers.