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7 February

7 February 1956

Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolay Sainovich Maidanov was born on this day

 Nikolay Sainovich Maidanov (in some publications also called Kairbolat and Kairgeldi Sainovich Maidanov) (kaz. Nikolay Sayynұly Maidanov) (February 7, 1956, Taskuduk, Dzhambeytinsky district, Ural region, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union - January 29, 2000, the Argun Gorge, Chechnya, Russian Federation ) - Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Russian Federation, the commander of the 325th separate transport and combat helicopter regiment, the Colonel. 

  Nikolay Sainovich Maidanov (first name Kairgeldi) the Kazakh, he was born in the family of Kazakh and German [5] [6] in the Taskuduk village of the Dzhambeytinsk district in the Ural region, Kazakh SSR, USSR. After the high school, he entered in the Aktobe School of Civil Aviation; unfortunately, his friend was rejected by the medical commission, and therefore he refused to enroll in school. He served in the Army in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany.

  In 1976, after completing the military service, he entered the Saratov Flying School. After graduation, he served in Odessa, Trans-Baikal and the Turkestan Military Districts. He flown on the helicopter Mi-8.

  In 1984, he was sent to his first trip to Afghanistan. He made his second trip to Afghanistan in 1987. He participated in amphibious operations in the areas of Panjshir, Tashkuduk, Mazari-Sharif, Ghazni, and Jalalabad.

  On July 29, 1988, he was awarded with the title Hero of the Soviet Union for his feat.

  Altogether, Maidanov made about ​​1250 sorties during his trips to Afghanistan. The total flight time was about 1100 hours. He personally brought from the battlefield about 85 wounded soldiers and officers, transferred about 1000 Marines and 100 tons of cargo.

  On July 29, 1988, in accordance with order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, for his courage and heroism during the military service, Nikolay Sainovich Maidanov was awarded with the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin as well as the "Gold Star" medal (№ 11582).

  In 1992, he graduated from the Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin. He then continued his service in the Army Aviation Forces: the commander of the helicopter regiment of the Leningrad Military District, stationed near St. Petersburg in the village Agalatovo. In 1999-2000, he was the commander of the 325th separate transport and combat helicopter regiment, the Colonel N.S. Maidanov was involved in anti-terrorist operations of Russian troops in Chechnya.

  On January 28, 2000, Maidanov saved the commander of the North Caucasus Military District, the Colonel-General V.G. Kazantsev and a group of journalists.

  On January 29, 2000, during the combat operation, the Colonel Maidanov was mortally wounded and died in the cockpit of a combat vehicle, but fought for the lives of those on board, trying to land the helicopter.

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7 February 2002

In 2002 in Kazakhstan was created new civil movement “For legal Kazakhstan”

In Kazakhstan was created new civil movement “For legal Kazakhstan”, the initiators of which is the construction in Kazakhstan of the legal democratic and social state, further democratization of the society and development of media.