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3 January

3 January 1992

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and China were established

Apart from the Embassy, which is located in Beijing in the territory of China, there are also a few consulate generals of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Hong Kong (since August 2003) and Shanghai (May 2005), as well as the Passport and Visa Services in Urumqi (March 1995, without the status of a consular post).

In addition to the PRC Embassy in Astana, the Consulate General of the PRC was introduced in Almaty in August 2007.

A distinctive feature of the Kazakh- Chinese relations at the present stage is a development of the clear, systematic understanding of implemented agreements. The long-term development of strategic partnership between Kazakhstan and China was provided by: the joint declaration on the establishment and development of strategic partnership (4 July 2005), the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (23 December 2002), the program of cooperation for 2003-2008 (from June 3, 2003), the Agreement on the establishment of the Committee for Co-operation (July 2, 2004), the cooperation Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China in the 21st Century ( 20 December 2006) and the concept of economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Republic of China (December 20, 2006).